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About Us



     In 1908, a group of Missourians established Boeuf & Berger Mutual Aid Society, a fire insurance company in a two-county area. This was done primarily because the large line companies would not insure them in outlying areas. The company now writes state-wide, offering a broad array of  products based on the changing face of rural Missouri.

     In ways to deliver our services at the lowest possible cost, Boeuf & Berger Mutual has established a safety loss control inspection program. Every property is inspected to avoid possible claims which reduces increased premiums to the insured.

     The mutual concept, founded by Ben Franklin, is a cost-effective way of buying insurance.There are hundreds of mutual insurance companies, from tiny farm mutuals to the largest personal lines insurer. "Mutual" to you means that your premium dollar buys only insurance. Nothing goes to the investors, the only people who can claim ownership are the policyholders.



 Established 1908

     Our sole purpose is service through insurance. Our agent in your community represents us because he finds value and stability in our service.

      We, as a company, buy insurance against widespread catastrophe. By choosing re-insurers worldwide, we provide you with the finest coverage available should a catastrophe occur.

      Our sole purpose is to insure your peace of mind providing you with quality, service and stability in a company that is safe, sound and conservative. We are proud of our financial status and encourage you to review our financial information if you are a policyholder or an applicant of Boeuf & Berger Mutual.