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Serving you for over 100 years
1908 - 2019

545 Harold H. Meyer Drive
New Haven, MO 63068
Phone: 573-237-3476
fax: 573-237-2107

 Serving you for 100 years!  


Century-old company stays true to its roots and
to its mission: mutual aid in times of trouble

New Haven, MO.-A century ago, dozens of Missourians banded together for mutual aid when one would lose a barn to fire, a mule to lightening or crops to a storm. Large insurance companies often would not insure people in rural area. That's why a group of Missourians established this mutual aid society in 1908. Today, what they began is still thriving. The Boeuf & Berger Mutual Insurance Company has grown to serve more than 3,500 policyholders, but its mission remains providing mutual aid when disaster strikes. Boeuf & Berger celebrates 100 years of service to central Missouri and beyond. Its policyholders stretch across the state. It is headquartered in New Haven, MO.

As the company starts its second century, it continues to practice a conservative approach to risk management but aggresively seeks opportunities for growth across the state of Missouri.  

There when you need us since 1908...
Boeuf & Berger Mutual

The policy you hold with Boeuf & Berger Mutual is a binding agreement between you and us in which we the Company, agree to provide benefits, reimburse losses and render services for you in return for the premium you pay for the policy. Be sure to review your policy annually to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Questions About Your Policy

If you have questions about the policy issued to you by our Company, it is best that you contact your agency representative. You should contact your agent if you make any changes to your property, change occupancy of the residence, purchase new personal property such as jewelry, atv, boats, guns, etc. which may need to be specifically insured. You should review your policy annually to ensure that you are adequately protected against losses covered under the policy.


All losses must be reported to the Company as soon as practicable after the loss occurs. Serious or major losses should be reported to the agent or Company by phone. Livestock losses must be reported within 48 hours. A delay in reporting a loss may jeopardize your coverage.