Our Mission

Mutual Insurance…where adequate protection, friendliness, and service are our company’s primary objectives.


In 1908, a group of Missourians established Boeuf & Berger Mutual Aid Society, a fire insurance company that served the residents of Boeuf and Berger townships. This group joined together for mutual aid in their community when one would lose a barn to fire or a mule to lightening. This was done primarily because the large insurance companies would not insure the residents in rural areas.

Today, after more than 100 years, what they began is still thriving.  Now known as Boeuf & Berger Mutual Insurance Company, the company writes insurance policies state-wide and offers a broad array of products based on the changing face of rural Missouri.  Headquartered in New Haven, Missouri, Boeuf & Berger Mutual Insurance Company has grown to serve more than 3,600 policyholders, yet its mission remains the same…providing mutual aid when disaster strikes.

The mutual concept, founded by Ben Franklin, is a cost-effective way of buying insurance. There are hundreds of mutual insurance companies across the country, from tiny farm mutuals to the largest personal lines insurer.  “Mutual” to you means that your premium dollar buys only insurance. Nothing goes to investors, the only people who can claim ownership are the policyholders.

We’re Here for You

Our sole purpose is to ensure your peace of mind by providing you with quality products, service, and stability. Our agent in your community represents us because he/she finds value and stability in our service. We, as a company, buy insurance from re-insurers to protect against widespread catastrophe. By choosing re-insurers worldwide, we provide you with the best coverage available should a catastrophe occur.